Disco Soup 2023: a real success!

This year on April 29th, more than 100 disco soups took place on the day, coming from 43 countries! With a total of 1 ‘300 volunteers (wow!), and thousands of visitors who stopped by and enjoyed some of the prepared food. But most importantly, 10 ‘000 Kgs of saved food and a little short of 24′ 000 meals served

Below are two of the most significant events….impossible to recount them all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your participation

Helping earthquake refugees in Turkey

Every year, Slow Food Adana and SFYN Adana are able to create special events to do good and create cool memories. After the tragic events which affected Turkey in February, Slow Food Adana, which also had to face the consequences of the earthquake, was able to organise a Disco Soup and share the food with the earthquake victims of their city, with some of them still staying in tents in the park, and with all the visitors coming at their farmers market. They prepared a yummy local soup called ‘Lepe’ made with local karakilcik bulgur rice, green onion roots, peppers, tomatoes, onions, pepper paste and may herbs, with İpek, 18, who also played her ukulele and sang songs for us during the livestream with SFYN. All the ingredients came from the farmer’s market. 

They chose bulgur since it’s an ancient grain, originally from the Adana zone, and needing very little water. Seasonal rains are enough for it to grow! It originally comes from mountain farmers and it’s a very traditional dish, almost not consumed anymore in modern Turkey society. As they say, this soup reminded them of their grandparents’ meals!

HERE you can find the recipe that the community kindly shared with us!

In case you’re looking for more anti-waste recipes, we remind you of our Disco Soup Cookbook, an unique book where you can find recipes written from the network all over the world and discover how differently food is saved in other countries. More about it here!

Disco soup in a refugee camp in Congo DR

We come to the end of this article with a touching story we received from World Disco Soup Day 2023. On the occasion of the event, young people from SFYN Congo in collaboration with the Cultures of Resistance Network, organized their disco soup and shared the food with children displaced by war in the Kanyaruchina campsite, eastern Congo DR. They shared with us a powerful video of children dancing in unison, having fun, showing their dance skills and playing random instruments.

Here is the link to the video


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