Civil Society Urges Ministers of Agriculture to Prove that the CAP is the Right Policy to Address Environmental Challenges

Days ahead the Agriculture and Fisheries (AGRIFISH) Council meeting in Brussels, Slow Food Europe and other five civil society organizations urge European ministers of agriculture to increase the environmental ambition of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform and not to “further weaken the Commission’s proposal.”

In the joint statement, the organizations stress that while the next EU budget has explicitly promised that the new CAP must deliver a higher environmental and climate ambition, according to the Court of Auditors, the Commission’s proposal “falls short” in this regard. Civil society urges the Council to increase the funding for biodiversity, environmental and climate measures, and to take decisions “which do not benefit narrow groups of interests but that are in the long-term interest of the whole farming community, the whole of society, and the future of Europe.”

The full statement is available here:

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