Cheese on the Big Screen

Cheese 2021 takes you to the pastures to meet the herders and cheesemakers behind every great cheese, to discover their stories and their know-how. Cheese is your window onto a world where humans are trying to establish a healthier balance in their relationships with nature and animals. Cheese 2021 hosts a cinematic aperitif every day of the event as part of the CINE project.

A European project to reinforce cinema in smaller communities, in places where there are few if any opportunities for people to see films on the big screen. Progetto CINE affirms the importance of cinema as a place of social and cultural meeting point and as a tool for spreading the messages of environmental and food culture awareness among younger people. There’ll be four screenings in the cheese program, all held at biodiversity house.

And there’s more! As well as screenings of films and documentaries, there’ll be complementary events like tastings and debates involving people actively promoting environmental and gastronomic sustainability. At Cheese these natural aperitifs will feature natural cheeses made without industrial ferments, natural charcuterie without nitrites and nitrates, and wines made without chemical synthesis, selected yeasts or unnecessary enological manipulation.

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