Cheese Is Made From Milk—Raw Milk!

Cheese, the international Slow Food event dedicated to quality artisanal cheeses, is returning to Bra this year from September 15 to 18, with one important innovation: Only raw-milk cheeses will be sold at the market, which features producers from around the world.

Why are we doing this? Because 20 years after the event’s first edition and the petition organized in defense of raw milk, it is more important than ever to assert the importance of milk that is alive and to inform consumers about the issues.

Piero Sardo, the president of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity and Cheese’s scientific advisor, explains the reasoning behind this choice.

Are you a raw-milk cheesemaker? Are you interested in taking part in Cheese? Then what are you waiting for? Apply to participate now by writing to [email protected]


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