The INDACO2 team measured the environmental impacts generated by several Presidia products.

The methodology used by Indaco2 is the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), in particular the Carbon Footprint, i.e. the estimation of greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide) emitted into the atmosphere during the life cycle of a product, from the production of animal feed or the cultivation of fodder and cereals used in animal feed, to weaning and breeding practices, to processing and packaging of the product.

The carbon footprint calculations showed that Presidia products, as well as offering added value to their places of origin, have a much higher level of compatibility with environmental resources compared to conventional, intensive products. In practice, this means that the consumption of Presidia products is a good idea not just because of their quality and taste, but also because they help avoid environmental impacts that are seriously affecting the planet’s future.

The products evaluated included:


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