Call for Participation: Capacity Building in Slow Food for Latin America and the Caribbean

Slow Food has an active and committed network of communities in Latin America and the Caribbean. Involving them more and promoting exchange of knowledge and experiences is one of Slow Food’s foundational actions to make an impact. It is fundamental to transform the dynamic, decentralizing it, and establishing a pact of trust that gives freedom of action and innovation to local communities to improve their impact in the search for good, clean, and fair for all in the different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

With this in mind, the Slow Food International office, with the support of the International Councilors of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), proposes four cycles of distance learning to strengthen knowledge about the philosophy, political structure, and governance of the Slow Food movement; the importance of advocacy; programs for the defense of biological and cultural biodiversity; and methodologies for the education and awareness-raising of civil society.

The four cycles will be independent and will be held between March and September 2023 via the Zoom platform. The first session will be open to all members of Slow Food Communities, while the others will have a limited number of participants who will be selected based on a set of criteria.

The program includes a total of seven meetings:

  1. Philosophy, political structure, and governance of the Slow Food movement (1 meeting, 30/03, 4 pm CEST*)
  2. Advocacy, campaigns, political positioning (2 meetings, 11/05 and 18/05, 4 pm CEST*)
  3. Biological and cultural biodiversity programs (2 meetings, 06/07 and 13/07, 4 pm CEST*)
  4. Education and awareness-raising of civil society (2 meetings, 21/09 and 28/09, 4 pm CEST*)
*The time schedule is displayed in the Italian time zone, you can convert it to your local time zone here.

Speakers: Representatives of the Slow Food international office, International Councilors from Latin America and the Caribbean, and representatives of the network and allied organizations that collaborate with Slow Food in these areas.

Language: Spanish, Portuguese, English with translation service.

Duration: 2 hours, from March 30 to September 28.

Recording: The presentations will be recorded so they can be shared and listened to again.

You can apply for the capacity building by the filling this form by the dates indicated:

Cycle 1. Philosophy, political structure, and governance of the Slow Food movement: until March 23 
Cycle 2. Advocacy, campaigns, political positioning: until April 20 

Cycle 3. Biological and cultural biodiversity programs: until June 15

Cycle 4. Education and awareness-raising: until August 31

For questions and further information, please write to [email protected].


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