Call for entries: Andaras Film Festival 2022

The call for entries is now open for the Andaras Traveling Film Festival, a film festival focused on travel, on environmental protection and the discovery of the world and its flavours.

The theme of the 2022 edition is “Journey to the centre of the Earth”.

“More than any other human activity; travelling is a state of mind, of research, knowledge of oneself and others, and is the starting point of every arrival. Ulysses was a traveller, today’s migrants travel like our ancestors did before, there are those who go around the world to earn a living, solitary navigators and NGO volunteers, journalists and writers, photographers and directors who want to tell the world. Andaras was born and lives with this travelling spirit.” says Joe Juanne Piras, director and artistic director of the festival.


We invite our network to take part in the competition again this year and send in your entries! And who knows, you might even be the winner of a particular category!


Registration for all the submissions coming from the Slow Food network are free. Just enter the following codes during registration:


FOOD category: SlowFOOD22

ENVIRONMENT category: SlowENVI22


Entries must be on the theme of travel, environmental protection or the world of food, in any of its many facets. The festival will be divided into six days, each of which will be dedicated to the screening of works submitted to the competition, meetings with filmmakers, writers and photographers, good food and good music. The jury is composed of members appointed by the festival management, chosen from among national and international experts.


Find out more about the festival and how to register, through this link:

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