Board Talk

This weekend, in the buildings of the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo near the Slow Food headquarters in Bra, Slow Food’s international boards will meet for their annual meeting.

The two-day get-together will kick off on Saturday February 17 at 9.30 with presentations of the activities of the various national associations and a report by Slow Food international president Carlo Petrini.

Slow Food International’s balance sheet will then be outlined and commented upon and criteria for participation in the international congress in November discussed. Saturday afternoon will be dedicated to group discussions and open debate about the morning’s proceedings.

On the morning of Sunday February 18 Slow Food International’s activities will be analyzed and discussed and in the afternoon two separate meetings will be held simultaneously: one on the involvement of University of Gastronomic Sciences students in Slow Food International activities, another on Slow Food’s international communication and the importance of its newsletters, with presentation of each newsletter focusing on problems and weaknesses, strengths and solutions.

Board members from Germany, Switzerland, France, the USA, the UK and Japan will be present.

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