Beeline For West Nile

Speaking after a one-week tour of the West Nile as part of the Bonna Bagaggawale (Prosperity for All) program, vice-president, Prof. Gilbert Bukenya says the region is strategically placed to become the center of Ugandan honey production.

He explained that the West Nile region boasts an abundance of unique wild flowering plants on whose nectar bees feed to make fine honey, much in demand worldwide.

‘We must promote bee-keeping in West Nile and help the people earn an income from the sale of honey,’ declared Prof. Bukenya. ‘All you need is to get a beehive. Bees will colonize it and after three months, you will harvest honey, sell it and make money.’ He also promised that the national government will work with district leaders to build beehives and make them available to anyone interested in taking up bee-keeping.

One peril for the honey business in West Nile is the presence of the so-called bee badger which, in the course of nocturnal rampages, overturns hives and eats the honey. Changes in weather patterns have also affected the work of bee-keepers, causing a shortage in the water supply for their bees.

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