Beef Stakeout

Beef Producers Association (UBPA), in conjunction with National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), has launched a six-month quality beef awareness campaign.

The aim is to create public awareness about the dangers of consuming poor quality beef and to promote the safety of beef and beef by-products from ‘farm to fork’.

Speaking at a ceremony to launch the campaign in Kampala, the former executive director of UBPA, Tracy Harthon, affirmed that, ‘The consumer has the buying power and all over the world consumer demands are taken into serious consideration. It is time for the beef industry in Uganda, to realize this concept and start “banking” on it’.

She added that abattoirs and butcher’s shops that comply with a set of guidelines specially formulated by UBPA and UNBS, guidelines will be issued with ‘a beef awareness campaign’ logo.

‘We request all butcher and abattoir owners who receive these logos to display them where they can be seen,’ she concluded.

New Vision (Kampala)

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