Ayuda Tabasco

When hundreds of Slow Food representatives gathered in Puebla, Mexico last November for the Fifth International Slow Food Congress, local residents and producers in the southern region of Tabasco had just been hit by a devastating flood, described by Mexican President Calderon as “one of the worst natural catastrophes in the history of Mexico”.

The region’s two and a half million citizens, many of whom are farmers, were severely affected by the floods. The daily life, economy and hope of an entire region was submerged by a blanket of water of up to four meters deep, with more than 300,000 evacuees and virtually total destruction of local agricultural production.

“Dear friends of the community of food production”, began Alma Rosa Garces, representative for the Tabasco food community of cocoa producers and Slow Food Coordinator for Mexico, in her address to the Congress last year. “I come from the most fertile hills of this wonderful country, which has welcomed you with joy and passion. Today, you can no longer see these hills, as they are submerged in the flood-waters and mud”.

“We take this tragedy as a sign from nature, that must direct us to developing a relationship with the land which is less negligent and irresponsible”, Rosa continued. “We are here to inform you that this has had a devastating impact on our people and agriculture and to ask for you assistance as we rebuild our future”.

The Congress delegates ratified a decision to assist the community, and launched the “Ayuda Tabasco” project to collect funds. Great progress has been made towards the goal to raise € 40,000, with donations coming from Slow Food associations, convivia, the Citta Slow network and other organizations and individuals (full list below). If you are interested in assisting us to raise funds, or to make a donation, please contact Slow Food at: [email protected]

Thank you to all who have made a donation so far!

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