Amid the CAP Negotiations European NGOs Put Pressure on the EU Decision-Makers 

Despite the chaos caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the negotiations of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) are ongoing. The final vote on the new CAP is expected to be held in Autumn, and it will determine the EU’s agricultural policies for the upcoming seven years. The uncertainty posed by the global pandemic has already affected agricultural markets, food supply chains, and farm incomes. It might have an impact on the CAP negotiations and the final legislation. Slow Food, along with other partner organizations, finds it particularly important to retain sustainable farming principles and to focus on building the resilience of our food systems. 

For the upcoming five weeks, together with our allies, we will put pressure on Members of the European Parliament to reshape the EU’s agricultural policy for nature and biodiversity, for resilient food systems and agroecology,  for climate and environment, for animal welfare and human health, and for sustainable small-scale farming. 

Each Tuesday, check out our social media accounts and see what we ask for the future of CAP. Share our message and help us to spread a word about the importance of having sustainable food and farming systems.


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