Across Europe, Slow Food calls for Good Food and Good Farming

Slow Food is joining the European Days of Action to call for decision-makers to support a sustainable transition of food and farming. The European Days of Action for Good Food and Good Farming will take place across Europe in the days leading up to the end of October, with most activities planned on 27-28 October. In these days Madrid, London, Berlin and tens of other European cities will invite their citizens, small-scale farmers and civil society to take part in demonstrations and various other initiatives.

Slow Food in Full Action

The first Slow Food events dedicated to the European Days of Action started at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto. On 23 September, people, carrying pots and spoons, a symbol of the European Days of Action, went out to the streets of Turin and turned the march into a lively and noisy event.

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto also organized a wide range of forums that covered topics such as the Common Agricultural Policy or the new breeding techniques.

Slow Food Youth Network reached the event by bicycles. On the two weeks journey from the Netherlands to Turin, 8 young activists met young farmers and discussed their ideas of good food and farming.

Other Slow Food groups in Europe have been also actively involved in organizing events at local and national level.

You Too Can Make a Difference

The European Days of Action seek to invite as many people as possible to attend local events (check the map of events here).

However, you can also join the movement without leaving your home. Grab a pot and a spoon, a sheet of A4 paper and in your own language write a message, explaining what you want from the CAP. Start your message with a phrase “I want/We want”, followed by your name and country. Share your picture on social media, using hashtag #goodfoodgoodfarmingtag your national agricultural minister, and you will help us to show that there are many who demand sustainable changes.

Slow Food Youth Network together with Young Friends of the Earth Europe has also started a video campaign, asking farmers to express their demands for a Sustainable Food System and a Sustainable CAP.

November Is Expected to Bring a Change

The last weekend of October, when the European Days of Action will take place across Europe, will be time to make some noise and demonstrate that we are not satisfied with the current food policies. To make the messages resonate clearly at European level, on 19 November, when the meeting of the EU’s ministers of agriculture will be held in Brussels, Slow Food will organize a Disco Soup with partner organizations. Ministers will be invited to chop and enjoy the food, whilst listening to the messages of citizens involved in the European mobilization.

Indre Anskaityte, Slow Food International

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