A Taste of Germany!

In Stuttgart, Germany, from March 31 until April 3, 2016, approximately 500 exhibitors will present a wide variety of unique, regional, traditional, artisanal food specialties that exemplify the Slow Food values of good, clean and fair at the Market of Good Taste (Markt des guten Geschmacks). In addition to high-quality food and wine delicacies, there will be an extensive and enjoyable program of activities including tastings, seminars, participatory cooking workshops, and other informative panel discussions.

“Learning by Doing” is the theme of the Slow Food cooking workshop. Instead of just watching chefs and other culinary artists conjure their delicacies, the participants of the Slow Food cooking workshop will chop, fry, stir, and taste. During the courses, professional chefs will prepare dishes with enthusiastic amateurs, letting them in on all the secrets of the culinary arts.


And of course, there can’t be a Market of Good Taste without tastings. Visitors to the fair will be able to discover the artful skills of discerning the origin, methods preparation, ripeness, and other qualifiers of good food and drink. There will also be participatory wine seminars, where both novice and experienced participants can explore their passion for some of Germany’s best wines.

Often, the value of fairs such as Market of Good Taste comes not just from tasting, but also from being able to meet the producers themselves. If the adage “know your farmer, know your food” holds true, then these venues offer one of the best opportunities for consumers to find out some of the key differences between artisanal and industrially produced food. Producers are a veritable knowledge database of traditional food production that we dare not undervalue.

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