A Slow Week…

Inspired by the event Goûter Bruxelles, organized in 2008 by the Karikol Convivium, the ten Belgian Slow Food convivia will be presenting a range of activities as part of the first national Slow Food Week, to be held from September 20 to 27, 2009.

Activities will be held throughout the country, ranging from the plains of Antwerp to the region of Namur, the Land of Herve to Walloon Picardy, as well as in Brussels of course, giving locals and visitors the opportunity to discover biodiversity, producers and regional flavors.

The Karikol convivium of Brussels has involved two Terra Madre cooks in organizing the second edition of Goûter Bruxelles. During this event, 25 Brussels restaurateurs will create Slow Food menus based on good, clean and fair produce. Aperitifs will be available in parks, orchards and gardens. Courses in organic gardening will be held teaching how to grow produce on balconies and create small town gardens. The Karikol convivium has also planned seminars on sustainable catering, activities to discover Brussels honey and the future of urban beekeeping. The event will close with a large picnic in the Royal Park where everyone will bring a plate or drink to share.

At the same time, Slow Food Dijle is organizing a cycle ride to discover local Flemish products. The recently created Namur convivium Les P’tits Gris is hosting a range of activities, from discovering wild plants to a market of local products. In Pays de Liège, some restaurateurs are offering a Slow Food menu in honor of local biodiversity with the help of the local convivium. Taste Workshops and visits to orchards and gardens are also on the program.

Slow Food Les vertes vallées (St Sauveur) will organize a farmers’ market. The array of activities planned for Silly includes a dinner-seminar with traditional recipes based on local seasonal products, in collaboration with the Slow Cities of Enghien and Lens, and the promotion of a different local product each day, particularly in school canteens.

Meanwhile, this weekend, Slow Food Vlaanderen will be participating at Cheese in Bra with presentations of Belgian cheeses and beers.

Visit the Goûter Bruxelles website:

Find out more about Slow Food’s Cheese event, being held this weekend here:

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