A Great Success

On December 10, the global Slow Food movement held the second Terra Madre Day. I want to extend my congratulations and thanks to all of you – the hundreds of thousands of people who came together in 1,150 events to celebrate eating locally and strengthen our network for good, clean and fair food. This global day of action has quickly become one of the most important dates on the Slow Food calendar, and helps us renew a respect for sustainable food production, the environment and our communities themselves.

In a spirit of brotherhood, we came together in a countless range of actions on the same day, in all corners of the world. We took up the themes of food sovereignty, defense of biodiversity, and the protection of our rural world and food quality that a few thousand of us had the chance to discuss together in October at the world meeting of food communities. On December 10, we not only renewed and strengthened this commitment, we gave recognition to all those who are working to uphold these principles.

This year we introduced another objective to Terra Madre Day that can result in a simple yet highly effective outcome: the construction of a thousand food gardens in Africa. Thank you to those who took the opportunity to start assisting African communities to create these gardens, using their own local knowledge. The goal of one thousand gardens may seem small, but if we achieve it in one year it will represent a great opportunity for change and a significant development for us working as a united network.

For a glimpse into how your neighbors and distant communities celebrated Terra Madre Day, keep your eye on the Terra Madre Stories page of the website where articles and photographs are being published in eight languages.

It is wonderful to end 2010 with this day when we feel less distance between eachother and a great solidarity. I would like send all of you my warmest sentiments of friendship, as well as my wishes for prosperity and serenity for the new year.

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