A festival for the Kurtovo Tomato Presidium

From 6th to 8th September 2019, Kurtovo Konare – home of the pink tomato Slow Food Presidium –  hosted the 11th edition of Kurtovo Konare Fest which celebrates the local food diversity, gastronomic traditions and culture. The event was a vibrant mixture of pop, rock and folklore music and meeting of food lovers from Bulgaria and abroad.

This year Kurtovo Konare Fest focused on youth and the diversity of migrants from more than 10 countries who have established their new life in the village.

© Yulia Bosseva

Three days small producers from the village and guests from the neighbouring area offered home-made and farmers’ products demonstrating the fertility of the Thracian lowlands and the richness of the local cuisine. Of course, in the centre of the numerous delicacies was the locally produced preserve, “lyutenitza”. We can call it an Ark product because both its main ingredients “Kurtovska kapia” peppers and Kurtovo Konare Pink tomatoes are part of the Ark of Taste. However, the recipes varied and might include also locally grown aubergines, carrots, onion. Visitors could find also diverse inventions that combine the rich taste of locally grown fruits and vegetables with the skills and fantasy of the producers. This year to the rich local cuisine will be added typical dishes from 10 nations representatives of which live in Kurtovo Konare – Russians, Polish, English, Greek, Italians, etc.

© Yulia Bosseva

Every year, there is a thematic discussion with locals and guests to the Fest. The topic of food waste will be central during the discussion between the local youth and representatives of Slow Food in Bulgaria and Bioselena Foundation. Good practices to reduce food waste in the households will be shared with the participants. A disco soup will be supported by the project “Global learning approach to food waste in non-formal education” (http://www.vartotojai.lt/en/sincerelyfood).

Kurtovo Konare Fest was initiated by the local cultural centre, chitaliste (http://chitalishtekkonare.com/). Its small team fully recognizes the importance of food and gastronomy as part of the local culture and has supported Slow Food in Bulgaria in their quest for Ark products. The chitaliste hosts also the Kurtovo Konare Presidium and supports its activities.

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