A call for solidarity from Slow Food Haiti to build an artisanal factory to alleviate the food crisis

Building an artisanal factory to produce breadfruit flour. That’s the initiative of The Slow Food community “Agrotrasformation of the “Bread Tree of Haiti” to fight the food crisis currently plaguing the country, where more than 4.9 million people are suffering from acute food insecurity, struggling to access adequate and sufficient food.

The factory is located in the Department of Grande Anse, in the southwest of Haiti, and will help local farmers and producers avoid wasting their crops by transforming the bread trees’ fruits into flour. The poor performance of agricultural campaigns, soaring food prices linked to the volatility of the local currency, the expansion of gang violence, the resurgence of the cholera epidemic and the decrease in humanitarian aid are all factors that have led to this food crisis in Haiti.

Slow Food invites you to join this solidarity initiative by making a donation to the construction of the artisanal factory. Every contribution counts, regardless of the amount donated, and will help fight hunger and reinforce food sovereignty. You can help the Slow Food Community provide the Department of Grande Anse with an artisanal factory to fight malnutrition among children and people in precarious situations.

“Dear friends and supporters of Slow Food, – writes Jean-Louis Guelson, spokesman for the Community – we have already started working in the field, but we need your help to make this beautiful project a reality. Your donation will help us fight hunger sustainably and strengthen the local economy by building this artisanal factory that turns the bread tree into flour. No matter how much you can give, every contribution counts and will allow us to make a tangible difference.”

Breadfruit is very rich in vitamins and nutrients and processing it would make it more durable and accessible throughout the year. A good example of what food sovereignty actually means: it’s not about food aid, but for the local population to be able to choose and enact suitable and culturally appropriate ways to provide for their own needs.

By supporting this project, donors will contribute to the discovery and development by communities of this variety of fruit and the ways it could be transformed to become a staple. Local communities know better than anyone else how to shape their food systems to meet everyone’s needs.

To support the campaign, please access this link

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