Letter to the UN and the European Union on the role of food and farming in the fight against climate change

In a joint letter, civil society organizations and Slow Food draw the attention of the COP26 co-hosts from the United Nations Organization and the European Union on the role of food and farming in mitigating climate change.

“Energy, fossil fuels, transport and industry tend to dominate climate discussions and actions. However, the food system generates around 26% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Around 75% of agriculture’s emissions are produced by livestock, including the production of feed for livestock and the associated land use changes. In contrast to this, global meat and dairy production provides only 37% of our protein and 18% of our calories.

We urge you to ensure that food and farming are included among the priority areas in the discussions at the December 2020 Climate Summit and COP 26 in November 2021, in view of the direct contribution of livestock production to GHG emissions, and its indirect impacts through the exacerbation of the biodiversity crisis.”

Read the full letter to the COP26 co-hosts from the UN and the EU

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